Sunday, July 29, 2018

I bought into the Mars Attacks and Walking Dead kickstarters and lost interest.  I painted up some of the minis, but never dove into the games.  A couple of people on the miniatures page expressed some interest.  With zombie gaming I already had 200+ zombies and a whole array of survivors.

Prison expansion
 Woodbury Expansion
 Days gone by expansion
 and the Farm Expansion (not pictured)
 Cards are still wrapped in plastic except for some of the character cards that I browsed

 Characters are complete, but not sorted.  One set of character pictures did not turn out

 Painted Zombies

 Painted Zombies
 Terrain scatter pieces

For Mars Attacks
I have  Flying Saucer

 Giant Robot, 28mm zombie for scale reference

 All the rules and counters.  You can see one counter has fallen out of its frame, but is in the box

 4 Terrain mats
 Figures -almost all in their original packaging

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