Friday, February 3, 2017

City Board - Fall In 2012 game

The buildings are mostly O Scale Railroad buildings - most of them Ameritowne.  I laid out the buildings on 4 2' by 4' sections. 
I built the sections out of 1"x2" furring strips that were backed with pegboard to add structure.  I stretched canvas dropcloth over the sections and painted them- making sure that the roads were wide enough for a good game.  The little park scene was put in mainly because I did not have enough buildings.  At one end I build an area with port and warehouses. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

AWI Game

We played a AWI Brother Against Brother
Objective was a foraging expedition by both sides. 

 My command with Marbleheader, Ragged Virginia Continentals and a squad of Riflemen
 Mike's Troops with Two squads of Rifles and two squads of Continentals
 Boe's Hessians
 Jim's British
 Jim's Replacement officer stands alone
Highlights included Boe's Jagers Charging and meleeing the Marbleheaders - the remnants of both squads were so stunned that they both skedaddled. 

At one point 4 of 5 British and Hessian officers had been killed - all due to random effects from morale checks.  2 British officers were killed when they ordered their troops to charge.

The British Color Guard stood if front of a nearly full squad - which failed to charge and then failed to cause a casualty at close range.  They withdrew in good order, then as a result of a morale check were forced to charge and eliminated an out of command squad.  The one remaining color bearer further withdrew and made it off the table. 

The Americans won on points, but an overall enjoyable game

Monday, October 24, 2016

WWII Germans for sale

Figures for Sale

WWII Germans - Bolt Action Plastic
$4.25 each
Shipping is $7 or can be delivered at Fall In

Late War
1 Assault Rifle
13 Rifle
 MMG - Not sure of maker

 Blitzkrieg Germans
18 Rifle
5 LMG with 3 loaders

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pot Pourri

On the Fourth of June, we had a mini-con/game day at a small Warplane museum.

My event was a tip of the hat to Market Garden.  Inspired by my friend's 24" road bridge, we decided to have airborne attack one side of the bridge and an American force attack the other side. 

The SS controlled the bombed out side of town, with a Gestapo squad (inexperienced shirkers) at the guard house.
 The Americans inch into town

 The Gestapo - with a Stug in support
 The peaceful side of town - lunch awaits
 The Colonel takes the maiden to the Mayor's house, that has been take over as headquarters
 More pictures at

Wings of Glory - the USAAF against Kong

Some SS for sale

3 man command team
2 Medics
2 Observers
3 additional Assault Rifle
Squad 2 SMG, 5 Rifle, LMG and Loader
Squad 2 SMG, 4 Rifle, LMG and Loader
Squad 3 SMG, 3 Rifle, LMG and Loader
Squad 2 SMG, 5 Rifle, LMG and Loader
Medium Mortar
MMG Team
50 Figures
I am looking for $9 USD per figure since they are all metal and are painted in camouflage – mostly Pea Dot
The figures are mostly Bolt Action, with a decent mix of Artizan and 5 West Wind miniatures.

15mm Cogs and Crew

Friday, April 1, 2016

Cold Wars

I had a pretty good Cold Wars
We built custom table originally designed for Frostgrave, but used it for the Empire of the Dead campaign I am running at the HMGS cons.
I apologize for the paucity of the pictures.

The center of the table was  covered with fog.  The Count D'Monay entered on the far side of the glacier .  They mixed it up with the Zendarians and withdrew.  The Anacreon club entered on the left side, the Darkfire Club entered near the Neptune statue and Scotland yard entered to the right.  
The Anacreon club had met the Baron Dr. Von Frankenstein who was looking for a "friend"- they never made contact.
Darkfire and Scotland Yard mixed it up pretty quickly and things were not looking good for Darkfire until they summoned a bunch of Zombies.  The zombies must not have liked the cold since they were not much of a  factor before disappearing.   Darkfire discovered a bunch of Evil Snowmen in the swirling mist.  The snowmen caused a couple of casualties and slowed down Darkfire.  Scotland Yard made a break for the temple, and were slowed down by some ancient carnivorous birds on the platform of the temple.  The birds died, but not after wounding detective Inspector Morse and Inspector Nick Angel.  
Darkfire decided that the small Cthulu statues would make good decorations back home.  Unfortunately they failed their arcane and picking up the statue summoned 16 zombies, which attacked the remains of Scotland Yard as well as Darkfire.  It became a scramble for survival and the survivors extricated themselves.  
The next installment of the campaign will be in November

The next game was Frostgrave.  It was a teaching game, but after the first turn or two, the players were able to keep things going on their own.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Frostgrave Bands

I apologize for my poor picture taking.  Using these guys to demo Frostgrave at Fall In



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Western Games

 We had planned on Desperado at Mark's House on Friday, but it was only Jeff, Mark and I so we continued the Empire of the Dead Campaign.

Center of Town

View from the outskirts of town

 The other angle of town.  This includes the gallows
 Not many pictures of the action itself.  The shooting started with Mark opening up on Jeff.  I joined in at long range.  Jeff retreated to the large sheriff's office after taking some casualties outside of the Cow Town Hotel.  My first mission had been to taste the Tequila at the Cantina, which I was able to do pretty easily.  The second mission made me investigate claims about my boss's mother.  The large yellow and green saloon in the first picture held the evidence, and Mark's leader was the guilty insulator.  We all filtered out having taken enough fire.  .  My lone casualty - Slippery Beaver, was arrested during the post game rolls.

Action from Monday evening.  Derek Jeff and I (Boe and Jim backed out at the last minute)  Action started slowly with all of us holding fire.  Since it was a different town, we decided that Slippery was a prisoner on the stage coach.  I had infiltrated Skip and Adolf.  Adolf Gunned down the police chief who was running to investigate Derek's Robbery of Don Pardo's Hacienda.  Skip was in the middle of donning the Chief's uniform when the rest of the gang opened up on the stage coach.  Slippery was released while Jeff freed the rest of the prisoners in the jail.   Jeff and Derek headed to the Mission and the Mexicans opened up on Jeff's guys with little effect.  Again the Mexicans took heavy casualties.  At the end I took a couple of pot shots at Jeff, Which turned out badly for me since I only had one character with a rifle.