Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Frostgrave Bands

I apologize for my poor picture taking.  Using these guys to demo Frostgrave at Fall In



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Western Games

 We had planned on Desperado at Mark's House on Friday, but it was only Jeff, Mark and I so we continued the Empire of the Dead Campaign.

Center of Town

View from the outskirts of town

 The other angle of town.  This includes the gallows
 Not many pictures of the action itself.  The shooting started with Mark opening up on Jeff.  I joined in at long range.  Jeff retreated to the large sheriff's office after taking some casualties outside of the Cow Town Hotel.  My first mission had been to taste the Tequila at the Cantina, which I was able to do pretty easily.  The second mission made me investigate claims about my boss's mother.  The large yellow and green saloon in the first picture held the evidence, and Mark's leader was the guilty insulator.  We all filtered out having taken enough fire.  .  My lone casualty - Slippery Beaver, was arrested during the post game rolls.

Action from Monday evening.  Derek Jeff and I (Boe and Jim backed out at the last minute)  Action started slowly with all of us holding fire.  Since it was a different town, we decided that Slippery was a prisoner on the stage coach.  I had infiltrated Skip and Adolf.  Adolf Gunned down the police chief who was running to investigate Derek's Robbery of Don Pardo's Hacienda.  Skip was in the middle of donning the Chief's uniform when the rest of the gang opened up on the stage coach.  Slippery was released while Jeff freed the rest of the prisoners in the jail.   Jeff and Derek headed to the Mission and the Mexicans opened up on Jeff's guys with little effect.  Again the Mexicans took heavy casualties.  At the end I took a couple of pot shots at Jeff, Which turned out badly for me since I only had one character with a rifle.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Empire of the Dead - Western Style

Derek, Mike, Jeff and I got together and kicked off an Empire of the Dead campaign - with a western setting.

We each had 150 points,
I took a group of Cowboys using the Sons of the Empire list,  The group's name is the Beaver Lodge after the family's Ranch.  I am thinking of the Ponderosa here.  The boss is Harry, other members were Slippery (a gambler by trade), Skip (who walks on the wild side) June.  Cousin Jerry Mathers and Marshall Tucker rounded out the group.

Jeff took another bunch of Cowboys.  Mike had some Renegade Indians - the Heckarewe.  Derek had some Mexicans - Tito's Banditos.

We each had around 6 figures, Jeff's guys were better equipped and he had 5.

We each wrote missions down on a note card and shuffled the Cards.  We deployed where we sat and picked a mission.  My mission was to prevent the Hanging.  A quick glance at the table showed most of the length of the table to the gallows.  It would also take me past the other three gangs.

To keep the western theme we did activation order by cards.  We each drew a hand of 5 cards and played a card at the beginning of the turn.

I deployed Skip in town since he did not have a horse.  That was not healthy for him.  Jeff rounded the corner took one shot from Three Fingered Vern and put Skip out of the game.  You can see him laying on the corner of the sidewalk.

In the meantime, Tito's banditos have robbed Wall Drugs and are stealing animals.  The Heckarewe are headed to main street,

 My gang spent two turns blazing away at Vern and only got one wound.  Vern called out Marshal Tucker and wounded him
The rest of Jeff's gang rode on past when Three fingered Vern threw dynamite at Marshal Tucker.  It failed to hurt the Marshal, but knocked Jerry Mathers out of the game.  Marshal Tucker in turn put Vern down while the rest of the gang rode on to rescue cousin Adolf Beaver, who had been tried and convicted in a Kangaroo court.

 Jeff proceeded to drink and have his guys visit the Soiled Doves.  While the Heckarewe and Banditos shot each other to pieces

The combat was touch and go.  In general I have never seen so much ineffectual dice rolling - from everyone but Jeff.  By the end only One bandito was standing.

Final Scores
Mike had 43 points, Derek 32, Jeff 24, and I - 23.   Two of Derek's guys including his boss were captured by Mike.  Derek paid 10 points ransom for his leader and left the other Juan in captivity.

To be continued

A Little Western - using Empire of the Dead

Mike, Derek, Jeff and I got together at Pair a Dice games on Sunday and kicked off an Empire of the Dead campaign.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Painting 2015

What I have been Painting

I picked up some new Pulp figures packs at Historicon

PMX-3 Zapatista/Peones Rifles

PMX-1 Villista Banditos

PMX-4 Americano Mercenarios (almost)

PMX-2 Vaqueros Americanos  (almost)

 Volcano Queen

Footsore Miniatures Brian Boru and some Irish Slingers 

Scarab Ogre from Crocodile Games

 Footsore Miniatures Dark Ages - Which I will use for SAGA

 Company B SU 12 - 76mm howitzer portee mounted

 Rubicon T34

 Army Group North KV-1

Rubicon SKDFZ 251/x Halftrack I built it so I can change between the different types

Company B LRDG Chevy

Company B Schwimmwagen

Gaz Truck -at some point I had bought the quad maxim AA moumt, but cannot find it at this point

Friday, August 7, 2015

King Phillip's War Games from Cold Wars

Great Swamp Fight

Colonial Troops infiltrating through fallen log

 By the end of the game, the attackers had made progress, but not enough for more than a minor victory

 Winter Raid game
Indians objective was to kill people and burn the buildings.  By the end of the game, half the town was in flames.  The Settlers held the half of town to the left, but with the casualties and damage the town had to be abandoned.  Minor victory for the Indians since the Settlers held one of the three garrison houses

Monday, July 20, 2015


Had a good trip to Fredericksburg for Historicon 2015

Ran 5 games
2 Victorian Sci Fi Races featuring primarily the Westwind Empire of the Dead vehicles
Empire of the Dead
A WWI in Palestine game - Turks and Germans vs ANZACS
Force on Force on Zombies

 Starting Line for the Race

 Flying Bug rounds  the Pyramid's Corner
 Donkey Kong throws barrels at his pursuers

 Mechanbat takes the lead

 Past the Pyramid and through town heading towards the finish Line
 The Flying Bug is down
 The Winners

The con folks brought along a PELA (Pour Encourager Les Outres Award) due to the players seeming to have fun

Empire of the Dead - Are you my Mummy

 The Yeti has found and stolen the Ark of the Covenant and is brandishing it
 The Leader of the Machinists guild attacks the German Commander

Some of the Players

Since I plan on running Empire of the Dead games at the HMGS cons, I will run them as a mini campaign with players welcome to bring their own factions and using the campaign rules from con to con for theirs and the GM supplied factions

I regret I did not get any pictures of Friday or Saturday

I am already planning the games for Fall In - Terrain Theme Woods
Empire of the Dead
King Philips War - Ride of Captain Beers
SAGA in the Woods