Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Western Games

 We had planned on Desperado at Mark's House on Friday, but it was only Jeff, Mark and I so we continued the Empire of the Dead Campaign.

Center of Town

View from the outskirts of town

 The other angle of town.  This includes the gallows
 Not many pictures of the action itself.  The shooting started with Mark opening up on Jeff.  I joined in at long range.  Jeff retreated to the large sheriff's office after taking some casualties outside of the Cow Town Hotel.  My first mission had been to taste the Tequila at the Cantina, which I was able to do pretty easily.  The second mission made me investigate claims about my boss's mother.  The large yellow and green saloon in the first picture held the evidence, and Mark's leader was the guilty insulator.  We all filtered out having taken enough fire.  .  My lone casualty - Slippery Beaver, was arrested during the post game rolls.

Action from Monday evening.  Derek Jeff and I (Boe and Jim backed out at the last minute)  Action started slowly with all of us holding fire.  Since it was a different town, we decided that Slippery was a prisoner on the stage coach.  I had infiltrated Skip and Adolf.  Adolf Gunned down the police chief who was running to investigate Derek's Robbery of Don Pardo's Hacienda.  Skip was in the middle of donning the Chief's uniform when the rest of the gang opened up on the stage coach.  Slippery was released while Jeff freed the rest of the prisoners in the jail.   Jeff and Derek headed to the Mission and the Mexicans opened up on Jeff's guys with little effect.  Again the Mexicans took heavy casualties.  At the end I took a couple of pot shots at Jeff, Which turned out badly for me since I only had one character with a rifle.

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