Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 7

Defense- We had stirred up the Gangers by crossing their paths too often and an alliance of convience brought the AB Positives and Schwinn Bikers to our door.  We had siezed the Junkyard from the Schwinns a while back and they came with force to take it back.  Attacking in the early predawn hours allowed them to get close before coming under fire from the walls.  They dealt with the zombies in their way as they approached, but the sound was enough to get the defenders on the wall.

Poker chips represent unrevealed groups of gangers.

Massive fring back and forth dropped D's Selen character, many gangers and drew zombies like moths to the flame.

Some gangers make it to the gate.  The next group gets mobbed by zeds.
They give a good account for themselves, but between defensive fire from the wall and zeds, they are whittled down.  At this point they knocked Inzeos down.  Things look iffy

In the meantime the clown and geek have sawn their way through the containers and into the outer compound.  This was the last flank in threat.  Right about this time, a random event allowed the defenders to reposition to the roof of the Junkyard and JP blocks the gate with a towtruck.
Defensive fire was enough to eliminate the remaining gangers on this flank, and a swarm of zombies chewed the other gangers down to five that begged for mercy.  Two were recruited to stay on, the others slipped off into the night - we may see more of them later.
Next up will be some sort of Raid to clear out remaining clumps of gangers.

Dystopian Naval Battle

Took me over a week to get around to posting these.
We did a four fleet game with each of the base fleets at Pair a Dice games on February 26.
It was a back and forth battle with two new players D and J playing the Prussians and Blazing Sun repectively.  JM took his British and I had my Americans.
On my flank the Prussians and I got stuck in quite quickly.  Prussians have taken good damage here.

My American Frigates are screening the Cruisers

Meanwhile, the British Fleet is holding back.

The Prussian smaller ships had a hard time due to work of the FSA Kentucky
The Prussian Battleship turned the tables and Chewed up the lighter FSA ships while taking damage.  This left enough damage on me that by the time the Blazing Sun ships showed up they reduced me to a badly damaged cruiser and the Kentucky all nicked up.

The Kentucky then forgot how to target the enemy and was brutalized by the Japanese Battleship.  In the meantime the British fleet had been obliterated by the Japanese.  In the end, the Prussians, Americans and British were sunk to the last ship.  The Japanese Battleship was lightly damaged, Cruisers were gone and a handful of Frigates supported the Battleship.
We have hashed out a simple set of campaign rules and will start a campaign relatively soon.  I expect more to follow.