Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My games from Fall In

Friday Evening
A little Bolt Action in Libya.  8th Army vs Afrika Korps on this flank.  Over time the weight of the 8th Army attack drove back the Afrika Korps, while the LRDG broke into the town and destroyed the Axis supplies.

Steppe Nomads vs Russian Princes and Byzantines

Rus Prince Cavalry approaches the Steppe Nomads

Rus Prince Archers

Byzantines attack Pagan Rus

Byzantine Infantry attack the Vikings

Saturday Evening
A bit of SAGA with a Russian flavor.  3 forces of Byzantines and a Russian Prince force against 2 Steppe Nomad forces, a Pagan Rus, and some traveling Vikings.  It was a split decision with points to the Byzantines for the Emperor surviving and recapturing his jewels

Friday, November 8, 2013

Figures for Sale
I can deliver these at Fall In or afterwards

Society of Thule for In Her Majesty's Name

$80 for the unit

Angle Danes For SAGA - Sold

6 Points of Steppe Nomads for SAGA

29 Cavalry and 12 Infantry for $200


Monday, September 30, 2013

Napoleonic French For Sale

I picked these up recently as a complete collection.  They are painted to a tabletop standard. 
Mounted Figures are $6@
Foot Figures are $3.5@
Primed Foot $.60

Perry Hussars
7 Minis

Perry Hussars
7 minis

Old Glory Cheveau Legere
9 Minis

Old Glory Cheveau Legere
7 Minis

Mounted Officers
6 Mins

Another Shot of the Mounted Officers

Mostly Perry Plastics - Lt Blue
20 Minis

Mostly Perry Plastics - Pink
16 Minis

Mostly Perry Plastics -Green
15 Minis

Mostly Perry Plastics - Primed
16 Minis

Victrix Grenadiers
10 Mins

Mostly Perry Grenadiers
24 Minis

Victrix Voltiguer
8 Mins

Victrix Legere
26 Minis

Victrix Line Firing
13 Minis

Friday, September 27, 2013

Steppe SAGA

I painted up some SAGA figures for the Steppe
Blackhoods that I will use for Steppe Nomad hearthguard

Carolingian Warlord - standing in as a Nomad Warlord

Rus Prince Militia - Warriors

Rus Prince Militia - Levy


Rus Prince Hearthguard

Rus Prince Hearthguard and Warlord


Pagan Rus Hearthguard

Pagan Rus Warlord and Hearthguard


Pagan Rus Warriors

Pagan Rus Levy

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Giveaway
Pretty cool free giveaway on Anne O'Leary's Blog http://fortwitter.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/let-double-triple-secret-give-away-begin.html

This give away is being sponsored in part by author Patrick Hatt. You can find Mr. Hatt's Amazon Writers Page at http://www.amazon.com/Pat-Hatt/e/B00AGFMYVC."

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I have been Painting

After Historicon I always have a burst in painting.  Partially because I have new toys, partially because I am a teacher and have the summers off.  School starts next week so I thought I would take pictures of what I have been doing on my summer vacation.
LRDG Squads - Artizan
 The second half of my LRDG forces.  I now need to build and paint my vehicles from Company B

Brit Para support weapons.  Finishes my Bolt Action Brit Paras.  I need to reflock the mortar and Vickers  since nor enough of the static grass attached

Scotland Yard unit for In Her Majesty's Name

Victorian Civilians from Blue Moon

Old Glory Pechenegs- Steppe Nomads for SAGA

Byzantine Troops for SAGA

Byzantine Troops for SAGA

Byzantine Troops for SAGA - the whole mess

Totems from Recreational Conflict

Saturday, August 3, 2013