Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My games from Fall In

Friday Evening
A little Bolt Action in Libya.  8th Army vs Afrika Korps on this flank.  Over time the weight of the 8th Army attack drove back the Afrika Korps, while the LRDG broke into the town and destroyed the Axis supplies.

Steppe Nomads vs Russian Princes and Byzantines

Rus Prince Cavalry approaches the Steppe Nomads

Rus Prince Archers

Byzantines attack Pagan Rus

Byzantine Infantry attack the Vikings

Saturday Evening
A bit of SAGA with a Russian flavor.  3 forces of Byzantines and a Russian Prince force against 2 Steppe Nomad forces, a Pagan Rus, and some traveling Vikings.  It was a split decision with points to the Byzantines for the Emperor surviving and recapturing his jewels

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