Monday, March 10, 2014

Cold Wars 2014

I just got back from Cold Wars. 
On Friday I ran two Aerosan Race games sponsored by Brigade Games and Company B

The race is ready to start

 The route - who knows what is obscured in the snow?
 An Aerosan uses the ship as a ramp to jump off
 Racing past the crashed plane and into the woods

 Hugging the edge
 A yeti approaches the race
Racers ducking into the woods to avoid the Yeti

 Empire of the Dead Demo Games
 Demo game of Empire of the Dead at the Brigade Games booth
Three players took 100 shilling forces of Nosferatu, Gnetleman's Club and Darkfire Club

 Innocent civilians milling around

Empire of the Dead in the Great White North
Sponsored by Brigade Games and WestWind
Pregame - a mysterious item was lost on a ship after the '45

 A force of Yeti (Lycaon) attempt to prevent the Scottish explorers (gentleman's club) from collecting the item.  The giant yeti had the same stats as a zombie mob.

 Colonial Office Special Force(Sons of the Empire) on the lower right.  Yeti and Scots at the boat and Inuit (brotherhood).  The bloody smears of two scots eaten by a polar bear are in the middle left, while the fight between the Inuit and Yeti left blood in the snow on the upper left.
 Inuit have summoned snowmen to attack the Colonial Office.
The Yetis came away with the win. While the scots mostly bled, getting attacked by every other faction.
 Players with prizes generously sent by West Wind.  I did not get time to grab pictures of the other players with their prizes

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