Thursday, April 17, 2014

My wife won a trip to Panama as a corporate award.  On the first day we took a boat trip up the Panama Canal
Bridge of the Americas

She Who Must Be Obeyed

My Wife's Coworkers, 3 of the 10 corporate wide selectees were from her workgroup

Bridge of the Americas

Life boat ala Captain Phillips, I estimated the drop was 10 meters

Different ship in a lock awaiting the water's rise

Same ship showing how much the water level rose

Panoramic view, what struck me was the effort it must have taken using equipment from 100 years ago
Container ship making the crossing

 View from our room.  Oddly almost nobody swam in the ocean.  The Pacific was actually to the south

On the second day we did a visit to the Rainforest
Submerged Croc

Another Croc


Baby Iguana that was caught swimming by the guide

Capuchin Monkey looking for a snack

 Monkey running back after grabbing a mango
Embera Indian Village.  Embarrassing video was taken of me doing a dance with the Indians

View from aerial tram that took us through the Rainforest canopy

Looking down at the Jungle

View from the top of the tower of the Canal

The Chagres (Crocodile) river, which feeds the Canal

The tower we climbed
There was a Capybara on the shore

The lights are ships lining up to pass through the canal in the morning