Friday, July 25, 2014

Historicon 2014 Games

I ran 5 games over Historicon Weekend.  All on the same table and setup.  The Historicon events staff lead by Bill Rutherford were very helpful in giving me a table from Wednesday to Friday

 My first two games were Races.  10 of the vehicles were West Wind's vehicles for Empire of the Dead.  They provided tremendous support along the way and I could not have done the games without their support.  Both games were full.
At the starting line.  View from just behind the mechanabat, to the hansom walker, steam bug, barrel throwing ape man, with Lee Ho Fuuk in the lead.

A different angle on the racers at the start

 Overhead.  Engines are fully stoke and ready to go

 The Course.  Racers could cross either the middle or right bridge and cross back over the far left bridge
With Dracula's carriage blocking the river, the steam walker decided to skip across the bridge- unfortunately he oversteamed and ran full speed into the house across the river

The werewolf of London attempts to block Lee Ho Fuuk
 The werewolf is more concerned about the steam walker than the girls selling flowers
 The armored hansom cab is following the regular cab
 Second Game - Mechanabat is in the lead
The Armored cab makes the turn, serenaded by the Organ grinder

The mechanabat is shot down and destroyed

The walked Hansom gave up on the race and ran along providing AA.  The Ornithopter and Steam bug are whizzing along

Games based on opening action at the Battle of Mons

 German Uhlans Charged and killed off some of the Irish Dragoon Guards that had scouted the hilltop
Germans moving across farmfields trying to follow up on the example shown by the Uhlans.  The game was played over two days and eerily mimicked the outcome of the larger battle.  Where the BEF was established in firing line, the Germans took horrendous casualties.  The problem was that the BEF flank was too lightly defended and eventually the line buckled.

I did not get pictures of the Empire of the Dead Game Friday evening.  The game featured an all ladies group, Supernatural Branch lead by Inspector Morse and DS Nick Angel, Darkfire and Anacreon Clubs all searching for the mystical statue of Zumba brought home from Congo.  The Supernatural Branch  played it cagey until the end, when they turned on everyone and seized the statue for Her Majesty

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