Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I have been Painting

After Historicon I always have a burst in painting.  Partially because I have new toys, partially because I am a teacher and have the summers off.  School starts next week so I thought I would take pictures of what I have been doing on my summer vacation.
LRDG Squads - Artizan
 The second half of my LRDG forces.  I now need to build and paint my vehicles from Company B

Brit Para support weapons.  Finishes my Bolt Action Brit Paras.  I need to reflock the mortar and Vickers  since nor enough of the static grass attached

Scotland Yard unit for In Her Majesty's Name

Victorian Civilians from Blue Moon

Old Glory Pechenegs- Steppe Nomads for SAGA

Byzantine Troops for SAGA

Byzantine Troops for SAGA

Byzantine Troops for SAGA - the whole mess

Totems from Recreational Conflict


  1. Very nice looking minis, I do like he civilians and the paras, great work!

  2. Thanks
    Working on SAGA Rus now