Saturday, August 3, 2013

Various Notes

I have a bunch of Games Workshop publications that I am looking to get rid of
Pictures available, everything is in good shape. Shipping will be actual cost, or can be delivered at an HMGS con
Army Books $4 USD each

Warhammer 40k
Imperial Guard
Spacewolves 2000
Space marines 1998
Daemon Hunters 2003
Orks 1999

Rules $5 USD
40k Cityfight 2001
40k Armageddon 2000
1998 $2 USD1999 $2 USD2004-2005 (thick as a telephone book) $5 USD
White Dwarf $1 USD each
Issues 222-233, 241-251,254,267-277,279-286,288-290

Note a couple of the pictures may be of items already sold













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