Monday, September 30, 2013

Napoleonic French For Sale

I picked these up recently as a complete collection.  They are painted to a tabletop standard. 
Mounted Figures are $6@
Foot Figures are $3.5@
Primed Foot $.60

Perry Hussars
7 Minis

Perry Hussars
7 minis

Old Glory Cheveau Legere
9 Minis

Old Glory Cheveau Legere
7 Minis

Mounted Officers
6 Mins

Another Shot of the Mounted Officers

Mostly Perry Plastics - Lt Blue
20 Minis

Mostly Perry Plastics - Pink
16 Minis

Mostly Perry Plastics -Green
15 Minis

Mostly Perry Plastics - Primed
16 Minis

Victrix Grenadiers
10 Mins

Mostly Perry Grenadiers
24 Minis

Victrix Voltiguer
8 Mins

Victrix Legere
26 Minis

Victrix Line Firing
13 Minis

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