Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Painting 2015

What I have been Painting

I picked up some new Pulp figures packs at Historicon

PMX-3 Zapatista/Peones Rifles

PMX-1 Villista Banditos

PMX-4 Americano Mercenarios (almost)

PMX-2 Vaqueros Americanos  (almost)

 Volcano Queen

Footsore Miniatures Brian Boru and some Irish Slingers 

Scarab Ogre from Crocodile Games

 Footsore Miniatures Dark Ages - Which I will use for SAGA

 Company B SU 12 - 76mm howitzer portee mounted

 Rubicon T34

 Army Group North KV-1

Rubicon SKDFZ 251/x Halftrack I built it so I can change between the different types

Company B LRDG Chevy

Company B Schwimmwagen

Gaz Truck -at some point I had bought the quad maxim AA moumt, but cannot find it at this point


  1. Great painting! The variety of the mixtures and patterns of color for the Mexican's clothing is wonderful.

  2. I love the 20th Century South of the Border stuff.