Monday, July 20, 2015


Had a good trip to Fredericksburg for Historicon 2015

Ran 5 games
2 Victorian Sci Fi Races featuring primarily the Westwind Empire of the Dead vehicles
Empire of the Dead
A WWI in Palestine game - Turks and Germans vs ANZACS
Force on Force on Zombies

 Starting Line for the Race

 Flying Bug rounds  the Pyramid's Corner
 Donkey Kong throws barrels at his pursuers

 Mechanbat takes the lead

 Past the Pyramid and through town heading towards the finish Line
 The Flying Bug is down
 The Winners

The con folks brought along a PELA (Pour Encourager Les Outres Award) due to the players seeming to have fun

Empire of the Dead - Are you my Mummy

 The Yeti has found and stolen the Ark of the Covenant and is brandishing it
 The Leader of the Machinists guild attacks the German Commander

Some of the Players

Since I plan on running Empire of the Dead games at the HMGS cons, I will run them as a mini campaign with players welcome to bring their own factions and using the campaign rules from con to con for theirs and the GM supplied factions

I regret I did not get any pictures of Friday or Saturday

I am already planning the games for Fall In - Terrain Theme Woods
Empire of the Dead
King Philips War - Ride of Captain Beers
SAGA in the Woods

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