Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wings of War

We did another Wings of War day at Pair a Dice on Feb 20th.

The First game was 2 Spads against a Pfalz and an Albatross.  First Shot and JM pulls an explosion card - "oh the deck wasn't shuffled and he shuffles and keeps flying.
The dogfight continues and this time JM pulls another and poof no Pfalz
Another dogfight and on come reinforcements in the form of a famous beagle
The fight continues and the pilots get aggressive, good thing we were not playing with collision rules
Moments later the three german fighters closed in on the British DH4.  Sadly for us German Pilots, all three of us went down in two consecutive turns.

We played a bomber mission with the new bomber rules.  It ended a draw as the bomber succeeded in bombing the train, but was shot down before it was able to make it home.

The final scenario was three allied fighters vs two fighters and a balloon defended with two machine guns.
The allied players took out the balloon at the cost of one of the fighters, but both remaining fighters limped home with heavy damage.