Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saga Games

We have been playing SAGA recently. 
One game about a month ago, Eric the Dark Red faced Goffrey Earl of Westhen.  I could not commit to a strategy and was defeated piecemeal at the bridge.
Huscarls in the Field
Birdseye view of the Battlefield Flanking force at the ford, a unit of Huscarls in the field.  Erik with a group of Bondi shelter behind the farmhouse.

Another day sees Normans under Bishop Bo lined up against Goffrey

A near run thing

Last Weekend Baldwin Count D' Monet Faced Goffrey.  Norman archery whittled down the AngloDanes, then the dice deserted Baldwin and he survived with a mere crossbowman and his levy archers.
Baldwin's troops


  1. Looks like fun. BTW: is the bridge paper? Thanks.

  2. The bridge is the very nice Renedra pontoon bridge. it is configurable to have ramps up or down