Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pulp Flying Game

This was a test of modifications for the movement.  I used to used card movement ala Wings of War/Glory but went to the X-wing dial mechanism as easier to handle.  2 games with rules discussion and modifications in in under 3 hours

First game was 4 Rocketeers, a Flying Monkey carpet and an Eagle against a Full Stukasaur Squadron of 4 Stukasaurs
Rocketeers Move in, trying to get to the Stukasaurs flank

Stukasaur flight plotted

In come the Monkeys and their Eagle ally

Defenders pinch in on the Stukasaurs. 
The Stukasaurs almost leaked through and almost got to the target but were ultimately shot down as they were about to get out of range.
Second Scenario
4 American Rocketeers, a monkey carpet and a large monkey carpet vs 5 German Rocketeers and a rider less pteranodon.  The Germans were defending their Zeppelin, which had an AA gun.   

The Pteranodon killed three monkeys but died in melee.  The Germans were all damaged, but had eliminated two of the American Rocketeers

The Flying Monkey carpet is almost empty, it got shot down by the German Zeppelin captain,


  1. Very interesting and entertaining. If these are Murch's Rocketeers, it's the 1st time I've seen them flying and in action. If not, the group still looks cool.

  2. Ok, this is really brilliant. Also love the 'Aerial Carrier' and the Flying Monkey Carpet.
    Are you considering writing this all up so folks can host a game like this in their home town?