Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall In

Fall In

Not a great pic from the VSF race game.  The first two people to get to the end were eliminated by the Nanarchists and Queen Victoria

The Winners of the VSF race

 Saga Crusades
Saracens line up against the Crusaders
 SAGA Players with Gripping Beasts' generous prizes

 Saturday Morning
Action Shifts to Belgium with the BEF retreating from the Germans

 BEF Center is shot up while the right extricates itself
 Near the end of the game, German pressure has pretty much eliminated the BEF Center,   The BEF right gets about 50% over the river the left around a third

Amazing Gangster city.  It won best game prize.  

 I ran some minor gangsters that were part of the biggest gang.  I spent most of the game collecting protection money.  My three figures are in the street looking at traffic.

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