Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pot Pourri

On the Fourth of June, we had a mini-con/game day at a small Warplane museum.

My event was a tip of the hat to Market Garden.  Inspired by my friend's 24" road bridge, we decided to have airborne attack one side of the bridge and an American force attack the other side. 

The SS controlled the bombed out side of town, with a Gestapo squad (inexperienced shirkers) at the guard house.
 The Americans inch into town

 The Gestapo - with a Stug in support
 The peaceful side of town - lunch awaits
 The Colonel takes the maiden to the Mayor's house, that has been take over as headquarters
 More pictures at

Wings of Glory - the USAAF against Kong

Some SS for sale

3 man command team
2 Medics
2 Observers
3 additional Assault Rifle
Squad 2 SMG, 5 Rifle, LMG and Loader
Squad 2 SMG, 4 Rifle, LMG and Loader
Squad 3 SMG, 3 Rifle, LMG and Loader
Squad 2 SMG, 5 Rifle, LMG and Loader
Medium Mortar
MMG Team
50 Figures
I am looking for $9 USD per figure since they are all metal and are painted in camouflage – mostly Pea Dot
The figures are mostly Bolt Action, with a decent mix of Artizan and 5 West Wind miniatures.

15mm Cogs and Crew

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