Saturday, October 29, 2016

AWI Game

We played a AWI Brother Against Brother
Objective was a foraging expedition by both sides. 

 My command with Marbleheader, Ragged Virginia Continentals and a squad of Riflemen
 Mike's Troops with Two squads of Rifles and two squads of Continentals
 Boe's Hessians
 Jim's British
 Jim's Replacement officer stands alone
Highlights included Boe's Jagers Charging and meleeing the Marbleheaders - the remnants of both squads were so stunned that they both skedaddled. 

At one point 4 of 5 British and Hessian officers had been killed - all due to random effects from morale checks.  2 British officers were killed when they ordered their troops to charge.

The British Color Guard stood if front of a nearly full squad - which failed to charge and then failed to cause a casualty at close range.  They withdrew in good order, then as a result of a morale check were forced to charge and eliminated an out of command squad.  The one remaining color bearer further withdrew and made it off the table. 

The Americans won on points, but an overall enjoyable game

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