Monday, March 20, 2017

Cold Wars 2017

My first game was the VSF race - sponsored by West Wind.  Largely featuring Empire of the Dead miniatures, with some Eureka miniatures sprinkled in.

The Race begins
 The Donkey King is in the lead (Cirque de Noir Apeman on Brewery wagon). They approach bomb throwing Nannies
 The modified Hansom cab (armored with crab legs) and the steam dog Pansy pass each other going in opposite directions
 Armored Hansom cab with freeze ray pass the Emperor Jimoleon - followed by Lee Ho Fuk on his rocket powered Penny-farthing

 Pansy sort of won the race- she passed the finish line but was shot and killed that turn.  The steam walker came in second after being stalled from the beginning and looking out of the race.  

Empire of the Dead -Friday evening
Church Police - Anglican enforcers aka Brotherhood

Anachrion Club
 In one turn the Werewolves grabbed the comfy chair - triggering the arrival of the Inquisition, and the blood cauldron - summoning the deep ones.  At this point the game turned semi-cooperative
 The Werewolves savaged the deepones- turning them into fish and chips, even the arrival of the boss had no real effect

 The Werewolves walked away with a strong showing, but quite a few of the flunkies need to go to the vet - Old Yaller is down to a 2" move and may have to be "retired"

Nice sci fi pods at an Infinity game

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