Sunday, October 15, 2017

Western Resin Buildings

TTS (?) simple house, around 6" per side $30
 Frontline (?) House, has interior walls and outside stairs $50
Gallia fancy house, No interior,  Post and stairs are still intact $45

2 Story building with shed $60

 2 Story house with boardwalk and porch $60
 Frontline Simple Saloon $50
 Boardwalk - free with town
 Blacksmith no interior $30
Frontline Roche Hotel interior rooms and exterior stairs $60
 Frontline store $40
 Old Glory Empire Block B, added interior walls and second floor $70

 Small cart shed no interior $30
 Frontline Bank interior walls $40
 Livery stable front wall is warped Free with rest of town
 2 adjoining buildings $60
 Old Glory Palace Saloon, porch roofs come offand are magnetized $80
 Simple TTS house $30
Frontline Train Station $80
 Frontline Sheriffs office - only available with the rest of the buildings  $60
Old Glory  Allen st $80

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