Monday, August 29, 2011

Arctic Board Pictures

Picture of Glacier.  I took a chunk of blue foam insulation, glued it together, then attacked the edges with a hot knife to get the ice cracks, painted dark blue green and blended to a light blue for the glacier ice.  On flat surfaces I flocked with woodland scenics snow.
Evil snowmen frolic in the foreground
Finnish troops hold off Maruading Yetis.  The Shacks are scrach built out of bass wood.  The roof snow is a mix of wood glue and corn starch

Polar Bear around a hole in the ice, hard to see the water surface here, behind the left Polar bear is a carcas I scratch built out of some ends of wire for ribs and a bit of canvass for hide.

Penguins cluster arond another hole in the ice.  Styrofoam on a board with a hole cut in and a water surface painted in the hole.

Largest Ice Hole.  Same basic technique as the smaller pieces.  Better picture here though.  Gebirgsjagers and U Boat crew unload supplies .  I placed small pieces of glass in the water area to look like newer chunks of ice that have not been snowed on.

Research station with one of the shcaks burnt out.  Main point of this picture is to show the snowglint effect of the ground styrofoam.

I cannot find pictures of my frozen river or woods, they will come in time

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