Sunday, May 15, 2011

Villanueva De La Canada

We tested out a scenario for Historicon's Spanish Civil War mini campaign.  It was part of the opening action of the Battle of Brunete.  The Republican Army attacked a salient to prevent the encirclement of Madrid. 
The International Brigades attacked a Falangist garrison and after a protracted effort secured the town.  Overall the battle was a limited success as it achieved the aim of preventing the fall of Madrid but at a horrific loss.
The town
The defending Falangists

One of the attacking units of the IB

The second half of the Attackers

Early success by the defenders in destroying one of the Soviet supplied T-26's

Meanwhile the IB infantry had infiltrated the Olive groves into room to engage in a firefight with the defending Falangists.

At this point the Falangist luck went south and they lost thefirefight against the numerous attackers and it became a one sided affair.  The IB will not have the advantage of the olive groves and wil have some added leadership since historically they gave a great account of themselves despite overwhelming odds.

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