Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dystopian Fleet Action

We played a four player fleet action a couple of weeks ago.  It was FSA vs Empire of the Blazing Sun and Brittania. 
Since JM wanted to go full fleet sets, we were stuck with making up a fleet from my Predreadnoughts.  I have 3 BB's and two Cruisers that matched point wise, but is off balance for normal fleet requirements.
JM was put off by the power of three FSA BB's.  Since the models are without anything that could stand for Rockets, we decided they were all Shield Equipped.   Started off long range with FSA doing damage to frigates while bombers closed in to weaken my fleet.

My Cruisers sunk so fast I didn't even get pictures of them in action.  Meanwhile the BS frigates had obliterated a squadron of FSA Frigates, leaving only some sad bubbles.

On my side, the Brits, closed in trying to overwhelm my three BB's with too many targets and reduce my long range gunnery advantage.

On the other flank, the basic  BS and FSA fleets had fought pretty much to a standstill.

In the end, the smaller ships had sunk each other and each side had two badly damaged Battleships.

We met yesterday to finalize plans for a 6 player economic/political campaign based on the Dystopian rules.  More to follow in the future on that score.

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