Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 9

We met last Saturday for some more Zombie gaming.  The setting was suburban. 
It was JM, A, L, and I, we rolled relatively few zombies to start the game with and it looked like a cakewalk.  We had to find a group of stranded children in the crossroads area and get them to safety.  They have keys to a boat in Old Town and that may be a way to get clear of the Zed infection.  We were a little cocky and split into two groups with myself, A, and L heading left.  JM and his peon came from the other direction and checked out the motel rooms.  Since I am not agile, I did not keep up with A and L as they sprinted into the diner and out the other side.  They headed off to the Trailer park as I plinked zeds out the diner window with a scoped rifle.  Life was good, we were shooting little and generating almost no zeds when we did.  L quickly found the kids in the second trailer.  It was time to exfil the kids and between bad zed activation and few of them on the table to begin with, the table was clear of our life challenged opponents. 

I found a Mustang with the keys in it and drove it up to pick up some of the kids.  This is when things went south.  The random events for this game were to generate d6 zeds on doubles.  Between that and bad initiative rolling (with the Mustang V6 running) we soon had a bunch on our hands.  A runs up to a minivan - great for carrying kids and finds out that inside is an uncooperative military guy with a rifle.  Why he sat there with all the action going on, I don't know.  A decides to draw on him after a failed meet and greet.  We figured the shots were simultaneous.  A hits the guy with a knock down, but is himself knocked down in the return fire.  The military guy recovers and drives off, but there is a growing crowd of zeds.  No problem, I am rep 5 with a car and zeds get squished in a hurry by cars.  I make one pass and smash a bunch.  The car lures the zeds away from A who finally makes his recovery from knock down.  I am coming back and on the last zed in the road fail my drive check boxcars - ugh. 

 I am unhurt but stunned, luckily I get activation before the Zeds and shoot some before heading to the Police car.  Check inside and another mil guy rep 5, run the meet and greet and I luck out and recruit him, SWWEEEEET, handy to have a good back up.  It is time to peel out, A has grabbed an old pickup, JM, L and the kids are in a Hummer,  we just need to make it off the table.  The military guy was in the cop car already, so I figure he is driving anyway both are rep 5 so pretty good drivers.  There are two zeds between us and the open road.  I pooched the roll and dropped boxcars for a second consecutive driving check.  Roll for effect, I am stunned and the driver - dead.  I finally get another recruit and he dies before I even pick a figure for him.  I jump on A's pickup and we roll out of town.  A and I both rolled to go up a rep, we came away with three vehicles and the kids, a pretty good round.
We were done so quickly we decided to do a quick turnaround and hit the same town again, focusing on areas we did not get the first time.  Cockiness almost got us a bunch of time.  JM left his peon behind and it was just the four stars.  A and L headed over to the garage while JM ran ahead and went into the small warehouse.  He found a rep 3 survivor and promptly sweet talked her into joining him.  He is both chatty and charismatic.  It was not a good decision on her part.  JM and she headed out the front door while I went in the front.  A double zed turn and bad rolls to summon had JM and his new minion surrounded.  JM shot and meleed his way out (Rep 6 is handy that way) but she went down to the swarm of zeds after only passing 1d on being charged. 

JM did not waste a tear on here and took advantage of the subsequent feast to head over to the gas station.  I bolted across the street as well.  While we searched the gas station I found a grenade, Hmm, a nice target sat outside dining on our erstwhile ally.  I dropped a grenade right into the middle of them, 24 zeds were feasting on the poor girl.  Meanwhile A and L had caught up and were checking out another building.  We watched in awe as the zeds bounced from the grenade and then died trying to pull themselves together.  JM had shaken off his scare and was finding that the motel had become a military barracks, none of them were willing to sign on though.  Maybe they saw what happened to JM's last recruit.  I headed over to check the other motel building, but while JM's side was filled with troops, mine had a uniform three zeds to the room.  They fought me to a standstill in the first room, but died in the others after I bolted on them.  Unfortunately the mob had descended on my door while was checking out the room.  They had the door half off the hinges when JM dropped a grenade on that crowd.  They were all knocked down so I bolted while they were down.  A and L had headed over to the Trailer Park.  A had rolled the Cult figure when he went up a rep after the last game.  He ran into a trailer with two rep 4 gangers, the meet and greet was not good gangers had 5 dice, and A had 4 (5 for rep -2 for different alignment, +1 for cult) so was outnumbered, as things would go it did not matter and the two gangers joined up with him.  We cleared off the table with another 2 vehicles and A had acquired two followers.  Since they had killed zeds and found loot, they rolled and one of them went up.  A good day of gaming, some tension and some success.

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