Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dystopian and Zombies

Zombies in the Police Station. 
We played a quick game of ATZ a couple of weeks back.  No pictures this time.  It was a simple explore mission, JM, L, JB and I were checking out a Police station.  It was a pretty clean mission with no casualties, recruits or new vehicles.  At one point JB bowed out and A took over - we converted him. JM and his peon Sarah Conner both gained a rep with JM doing the happy dance that he was now rep 6 after suffering through the first six games without gaining rep, now two in a row.

We also have played a Dystopian game - again no pics.  It was JM and FC with the Brits against L and I with FSA.  We tried a different scenario, I played a harbor defense force with two bunkers and we called my Russian round battleships shield towers.  While the British fleet took heavy losses, they were able to sink half the merchants securing a draw.

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