Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Napoleonic Day

I have been well behind on posting.

We tried out a game of Sharpe Practice with mostly MV's minis.

MV, JM, KA and B played the British attackers.  JW FC, and I had French.  The sides were almost even with the British having one group of Rifles in addition to regular troops.  Since this was our first experience with the rules, we went with everyone having regular light troops.  The battle was in two clear flanks.  I was lined up against B and we got a late start due to the Tiffin card coming up and ending the movement cycle.  In the meantime JM had gotten some good movement and we had misread the rules on "Grasping the Nettle"  and his troops advanced with great speed against JM's troops.  He hit JW's disordered troops and obliterated one group. 
THe dice rolls after all mods JM had the mass of dice JW had a single die

This meant that JM's victorious Brits had their  left flank  hanging in the wind.  Fc's troops started picking at their flank with enfilade shots and the results were not Pretty.

I moved my troops up to put fire on B's Brits but soon discovered how tough the Sharpe Practice card with its extra shot per turn.  By the end of the game the end result looked grim for my flank, while JM and JW had been rendered ineffective due to losses.

I enjoyed the rules and will play again.  I hope to get my Hussars and Dragoons into action as well.  The Perry dismounted Dragoons paint up very nicely and I have some of the Steve Barber dismounted Hussars.  FC, JW and JM played a quick simple game with the cav for a bit.

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