Sunday, May 15, 2011

All Things Zombie continuing action

Action continued in our All Things Zombie Campaign.  The mission was to hit a grocery store that rumor suggested had not been looted.  Rumor also suggested the zombies were changing and seemed to move faster in this area.

Zombies were milling around a traffic jam in a suburban part of town.  Our group is now pretty experienced.  JM is rep 6 and has a Rep 5 follower - Sarah Conner.  JB is rep 6 and has a rep 4 follower, JW is relatively new and is rep 4 with a  rep 4 follower.  I am rep 6 with a dog.

We started down the street gunslinger style, clearing zombies in front of us.  THe only glitch early on was JB's follower failed both dice on a being charged test and bolted the table. A couple of turns in and i got a little antsy and ducked into the two story colonial.  Two military guys hiding there let me know I was not invited and sent me packing.  We started zigzagging into buildings with the goal of getting to the grocery store with some  additional loot.  Nothing much in any of the buildings until we hit the diner.  Two gangers were hiding out and I found keys to the hummer by the grocery store.  The gangers joined us and both JW and I added a follower.

We made the grocery store unscathed, and despite limited zombies, we were looking at how to get out with the most food.  The path was nearly free on zeds but blocked  by crashed vehicles.  We left the grocery story to clear the way, returned 5 zeds to their previous dead state.  JB headed to the hummer witht he keys since nobody trusted me behind the wheel.  He backed it to the store and we loaded it up.  Everybody but JM, SC, and I piled into the hummer.  JM, SC and I ran to clear the path by moving the blocking cars.

JM had to kill off some zeds hiding in the tour bus, but it was not too badly damaged and started up fine, as did the k-9 police car.  In the mean time, JW, always looking for ways to liven things up had blasted the Texaco truck with his shotgun.  The next turn was  random event and JB had to turn down behind the trailor.  Just before they did turn, JW was able to toss a grenade at the leaking fuel, which hit and ignited the truck.  Next turn two of the pumps ignited and the fire was really going.

The fire spread and ignited the rest of the pumps and underground tank

While that was going on JM and I had succeeded in clearing the way, though the fire and explosion was drawing zeds like moths to the flame so to speak.

Overall a pretty successful expedition, two recruits add, food secured, three more working vehicles.  Sarah went up hte rep 6 which is quite an accomplishment since at one point she was rep 2.  Views of the carnage from street level

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