Monday, July 22, 2013

Historicon Friday Wrap-up

Friday was a pair of SAGA games that I ran with Boe.  I did not get pictures, I know that Boe did.  There are a number of good ones from the 1000 foot General's blog  You have to scan down about halfway.

It was two linked games.  The first set was 3 games 1 on 1.  The most different was the naval fight between Vikings and Anglo-Danes.  The ships would move ahead 2" for SAGA die discarded.
The Anglo Danes boarded the Viking Ship, but narrowly lost the resulting melees.  The Vikings used this in the next game to deploy onto the beach right outside of the town.

In the center, the Normans narrowly lost the Scots so the Scots started the second game with control of the town.

The second Viking Force was trying to force its way across the river against the Welsh.  The Viking warlord killed the Welsh warlord and the players decided that was game.  Therefore the Vikings deployed across the river in the second game.

The second game was 3 on 3. 
Same matchups
The Vikings continued their dominance over the Anglo-Danes.  The Anglo Dane Warlord escaped with a monk in tow, stealing the Viking ship.  The Norman commander's side mission was to kill the enemy warlord.  He took this and went after the Scottish Warlord like a guided missile.  It did not work.  Every attack the Normans tried failed.  The scots stood like a wall.  The Welsh tortured the Vikings with javelins, inflicting tremendous casualties, until the Viking Warlord killed their warlord.  Gradually both war bands killed each other off.  Overall the Scots were the winner.

Between the two games 12 different players got the opportunity to play SAGA.  Most of them liked the rules, and got a better handle on the rules or tried them for the first time.  I know that a lot of folks like the tournament mode, but I am glad that newer players had the chance to try the rules out or hone their skills

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