Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wings of War

We played a series of Wings of War games at Pair a Dice this Saturday.  Seven players so we swapped back and forth on the 4 vs 3. 
We played mid 1917, I flew a Reviresco Pfalz that I had kicking around forever, but had no stats on it until the series IV from Wings of War.  I can understand why it was adequate but not a preferred plane.  Good damage, but fairly slow and not very maneuverable.  I was able to survive the first three games but go no kills.  We called each game if a side was down to one plane against 3 or more rather than fight it out to the bitter end..
Three of the players were new to the game, but it was hard to tell as they out flew me.
The first game was a balloon busting mission of four german fighters against 3 allies defending an observation balloon.  Germans blew up the balloon early, then took out two of the allied fighters.
The second game was an allied bombing run across the lines.  The bomber was damaged and could not turn to get a good line the first run, then was shot down as he lined up for  a second run at it.
On the third flight I took a UFAG and was assigned a run.  This time it was 3 germans against 4 allies.  My obsever got shot just as we dropped bombs on the target and the allies took me down before I could make it back to safety.  The rear guns are handy when flying a two seater.
The last game was a new experience.  JM has a scratch built Zeppelin Straken.  The Bomber was returning froma  mission and had met up with one fighter escort.  They were faced by 5 fighters.  I went down early as I got too aggressive aand went in alone without waiting for my allies.  Another fighter went down to the bombers guns and it looked like a third was in trouble when the bomber had taken too much and spiraled to the ground.
I forgot my camera so no pics, but the response was pretty positive so we will likely run another game.

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