Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 4

Our most recent game was a mixed bag.  Three new players with new characters and Five of us that had played before.

We have gained a pretty defensible base at the junkyard in game 2, then run afoul of some pretty bad luck in game three, losing 3 NPCs.  Our goal was to get into a suburban police station, get equipment and recruit some new folks.
We entered in two groups.  Mark led the new players in - having heard about the mission and brought them along.  The new group quickly broke into two, Mark, Tim and Leif Headed to meet the rest of the Group while Marmalade grabbed a Hummer and started to squish zeds.
The core group consisted of Jeff M, Jeff B, Myself, Don, and Honey (Jeff M's Smokin Hot rep 2 liability) and Lil Sal, my rep 4 follower.  Honey had lost rep due to being OOFed by gangers when we took the junkyard, while Lil Sal had grown afraid of the outdoors when she went up after the Junkyard.  The NPCs were along to regain confidence.
Don ran on ahead to give Mark, Tim and Leif some support.  The core group was plowing through zeds, between a silenced pistol, a bow and crossbow, silent kills kept most of the close zeds down, while gunfire dealt with any of the undead that came close enough to charge.  A brief tense moment arose when one zed got past the hail of bullets and closed with the rep 2 Honey.  She passed her being charged roll with the help of a leader die, and killed her attacker with a butt stroke of her rifle.
Tim had gotten into trouble when he discovered 4 zombies in a dumpster he jumped into.  He got surprise, knocked down one, and killed another when they charged.  His melee ended with no result when Mark jumped in - helps to be a psycho brawler with a hand to hand weapon.
A lull allowed everyone to dash into the Police station.  Two zeds were lingering in the lobby and were rapidly dealt with.  Right about this time the zombies had followed the two groups and were congregating in from of the Police Station  Marmalade came screaming around the corner in his liberated hummer.  He started to lose control - running over three zeds, each only passing one of 3 dice for control checks on each of the three (the third came from being a Transporter)  His luck ran out and he flipped the hummer right in front of both the police station and a crowd of zombies and he became zombie feast.
The clearing of the police station was almost routine.  There were no humans downstairs, but handfuls of zeds that were surprised and died in hails of bullets.  Upstairs, Jeff B had climbed in an second story window, cleared the briefing room and ran into a rep 4 ganger in the hall.  He was out diced on the meet and greet and that resulted in a drawdown, which Jeff won handily. 
Plenty of regular loot was scattered around the station, but the SWAT locker room only yielded one set of body armor and a couple of Assault rifles.  The ganger was the only human we ran into and he did not survive his drawdown.  We gained loot, but no new people.

center town at the beginning of the action

RIP members and game they were lost in - Doc (3), Marmalade (3), Agent Orange (3), Janice (3)

Honey, Jeff M, Lil Sal, Big J

Leif, Tim, Jon P, Mark, Jeff B, Don/Seleen 

Beginning of Marmalade's wild ride

Looking down the Street towards the Police Station

Action Moving indoors
When time came to roll for rep increases, Leif and Jeff B went up to rep 5, and Don/Seleen went up to rep 6.  Jeff M continued his terrible luck and went up with neither his main, nor Honey - she had enough  FFP to increase her roll by one - the only thing she could fail on was a 1 - which she rolled.
We have lots of loot, and a base, next trip will be back to look for more survivors, then maybe a bartering trip.

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  1. Great looking buildings and table. And minis too!
    And cars! Dang I love this stuff.