Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games

To catch up on hte first three games of All Things Zombie hosted at Pair a Dice games in Rochester
Day 1
Overall the players picked up 4 followers and 2 vehicles - a Beverly Hillbillies pickup and a tractor trailer. 

Next stop is to see if the group can secure a base at a Junkyard, which will have lots of spare parts and equipment.

To recap Saturday night.  This was the first night of the campaign and everyone started with a single rep 4 star with WYSIWYG for equipment.

Mark took a famous zombie slayer figure with a shotgun and cricket bat.  He started next to Brian and spent the first half of the night keeping Brian alive.  He got knocked down once in melee while saving Brian the first time, but some timely fire support for the rest of us and Brian waking up avoided being a buffet.  He tried to disarm a car alarm that was going off (random event) and attracting zeds, but failed.  From there he headed to a motel room, discovered he brought the wrong shotgun ammo (random event) and found a rifle.  At this point there were a cloud of moaning zeds at the front door.  I ducked out the window, and a couple of turns later Mark followed me out the window.  From there he headed for a tractor trailer he had passed up originally, and was just able to get it started as the game ended.  He did not gain or lose a rep.
Don took a Selene looking character.  He jumped into a window and was surprised by two gangers.  They knocked him down with a quick shot, but he was able to get going before they could finish him off.  He jumped back out the window and the gangers were following in hot pursuit.  Their only trouble was that they not watching their back and a zed was able to get the jump on them.  Even with that it was a rep 5 ganger and a single zed.  Even so, the zed won the melee and the ganger was down.  Next activation and Don put a bullet into the remaining rep 2 ganger, he went down right next to his boss, with a  single hungry zed looking at his good luck.  Don Pulled in some loot from the motel rooms, back carefully away from a rep 5 military guy who had been hiding out in one of the room.  Don was in the motel room with a group of us when the zeds started pounding on the door.  He jumped out at the same time as Mark and ended up in the truck at the end of the game.  He neither gained nor lost rep.
John started late, but took a former SWA guy.  Careful moving and looting had him at one of the storage sheds when Jeff M and I arrived.  All of us looted food from the shed, so we decided that it was the storage for the minibars at the motel.  At this point we clumped up and used the rep of the Military guy that Jeff  had talked around (being charismatic helped there).  We headed to a pickup and discovered a couple in the truck - we figured they had run out of gas and were playing it quiet while they figured out what to do. Jeff had found lots of fuel and he took the pickup.   John talked one into joining him and I did the same with the other.  John headed over to the last remaining spot that might hold survivors.  We found a last survivor in this shed.  The game ended as the pickup pulled around and picked up Jeff, John and myself.  .  He neither gained nor lost rep
I had a character with BAP, Nerves of Steel and Brawler.  I moved across the table killing a pair of zeds along the way towards the motel, thinking Don might need help, but by the time I got to where I had heard firing, nobody was in the room.  I looted the motel, found no zombies and was in the Alamo room when the Zeds came knocking.  I peeked out the window and did not like the odds.  Next turn I jumped out the side window.  Took out a pair of zeds that charged me and headed over to the minibar storage shed when Jeff and John arrived.  From there I pretty much followed the action, pickup truck and other shed, having recruited a rep 3 with a pistol from the pickup.  When she looted she found a BAP in the glove compartment and her buddy found snacks.  They were the only ones to find loot there.  I was at the second storage shed when the game ended.  I did not gain or lose rep, but Trixie did gain a rep and is now a rep 4.
Jeff M.  took a character he had converted based on stuff he had in the bits box and coincidently at home.  FN/FAL, pistol and Ax.  He was a brawler and had the Charismatic trait.  He checked out the Diner and found a little loot, but nobody home.  About this time his FN had a catastrophic disaster and was useless for the rest of the game (other random event)  He dashed across the street to join the crowd in the motel. Was able to recruit the former military guy and headed over to the minibar shed at the same time John and I arrived.  His action from there followed the same path as John and I.  Inexplicably Jeff lost a Rep on a bad roll (1) and gained the Chatterbox trait.  He was able to recruit two followers, the rep 5 military guy and a rep 4 hiding in the last shed, and neither changed rep.
Brian is a young player and was not daunted by gaming with 5 adults.  Brian was constantly looking for the extremely violent and destructive method of dealing with his problems.  He also had the dice of a new player.  Early on he headed off into the woods by himself.  An unlucky failure to activate left him attacked by 3 zeds which he held off long enough to get some fire support.  He was next in the middle of the road  and attacked by zeds.  He just managed to get knocked down when Mark Rescued him.  Mark in turn needed rescuing and again fire support trimmed the zeds down to the point where he was able to attract the zeds from Mark.  Brian in turn got knocked down yet again.  This time the zeds were whittled down and kept off the gallant two by gunfire long enough for them to dash to the Alamo room as a bunch of zeds had been summoned by the combined firepower and car alarm.  Brian was holding the fort and blazing away while the rest of us ducked out the back.  The Zeds busted down the door, but Brian held off two rushes from them as the game ended.  He neither gained nor lost rep.

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