Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 2

Day 2 of the Pair a Dice All Things Zombie Campaign

Having met at a country crossroads, the various players were on a mission to establish a base.  A suburban junkyard seemed like it would do the trick. 
There was a gang of hostile gangers inside and we spawned 24 zombies outside.  The original plan was to clear zeds and then assault the compound.  Jeff M had his band of 3, a Rep 4 star with Assault rifle, Bap and ax, rep 5 military vet with silenced pistol and machete, and a rep 3 smoking hot chick with a  pistol and bolt action rifle.  It helps that his star is charismatic and a chatterbox so scores well on interactions. 
The plan started well, with zombies piling up pretty quickly, but some shots were fired and that gave a heads up to the gangers inside.  We had clumped up on one corner of the compound, right underneath a water tower.  Jeff B clambered up with his rep 4 armed with an assault rifle looking for a view into the compound.  He peered around the corner of the tower and spotted a ganger.  A quick burst missed and Jeff's clip was empty.  Jeff M's chick with the rifle tried a peek around the tower and was knocked out of the fight with a shotgun blast. 
At this point, I had worked around and climbed up a ladder over the junkyard office.  I had held fire and the gangers were looking the other way as I peeked down - no targets in range of my pistols.  The rest of the group was making tracks for the gate to the compound while Jeff B checked on Jeff M's wounded follower and reloaded.  The next turn was better.  Jeff B, now reloaded ducked around and wounded a ganger, While I knocked down another.  Another ganger blasted back with his shotgun and wounded my rep 4 follower. 
All this time Mark had been clearing zombies with his cricket bat, but things were looking a little iffy as the human on human shots had been growing the crowd.  A timely black helicopter (random event) lured the zeds away enough to let Mark break free and join the rush on the compound.  Two gangers down and   the  rest of our group burst in through the gates behind them.  Quick shots and some lucky hits brought down the remainder of the gangers.  The zeds had been lured away by the helicopter and the compound was ours. 
Don's rep 4 star went up to a rep 5, everybody else stayed rep 4.   The peons stayed on and don't even have to roll after the next game.  Of the two wounded, my underling healed nicely, but Jeff's dropped to a nearly useless rep 2.

Next up is to infiltrate and loot a warehouse through a sewer system.

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