Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 3

It was a breeze, he said.  It was going to solve our problems, he said.  What he didn't say was that There was a honking load of zombies in there and by the end almost half the group would be dead.
Episode 3 of the Pair a Dice Zombie Campaign.  John had found a mysterious Doctor that said he had puzzled out a cure for the virus.  The only catch was that it was still in his old lab.  The lab was deep into infected territory, but the Doctor knew a path through the storm sewers.  Jeff B and Mark were off hunting food, and my minion is afraid of outdoors so I figured she was no go, Jeff M left his rep 2 minion behind as well.  The group was Jon P with his rep former SWAT guy, Don/Selene - rep 5, Me - rep 4, Jeff M rep 4 and his rep 5 minion, and the Rep 3 Doctor.  We pulled up to the entrance and there was  bunch of Zombies.  We cleared the way in but left a bunch milling around.  The walk through the storm sewers was quick and easy.  A couple of Zombies prowled, but were no hindrance.  We shot some and that bit us later as the noise summoned some behind us.  We got to the Lab unscathed and worked our way in.  The doctor's ID woke up the complex, lights came on etc. 
The trouble was that all the victims the medical team had worked with were still dead/undead and they woke up as well.  A quick search found some weaponry, obviously somebody had gone toe to toe with the zombies before.  Jon's swat guy found a vial of meds that was what we had come for - but only one dose and he is frugal so the rest of the group were unawares.  The mob of zombies coming was the signal to get out and for a while it looked like we had escaped.  On the way out we ran into a group of zombies we had summoned with earlier shooting.  They mostly died, but one was able to knock Don/Selene out of the fight  I grabbed her, threw her over my shoulder and we kept moving.  The delay let the lab horde start to close and we picked up the pace, but got sloppy.  Turning a corner, we got surprised and charged by three zombies.  Two died horribly, but the other one knocked the doctor out of the fight.  Now we are carrying two with a horde behind us.
I nudged Selene awake and Selene was back on her feet.  We tried to wake the doctor, but found he had bought it.  The moans of the zombie horde behind us grew and there was no time for tears, grab his stuff, make sure he doesn't come back and hoof it.  Shooting and melee outside - oh yeah, we left a ton of zeds outside didn't we.  Two more minions go down in melee as the 22 zeds we left behind are crowding in.  We make a break with the wounded and get to the truck.  The lab horde is now spilling out of the storm sewers.  We toss the wounded into the Humvee and burn rubber one turn from being overwhelmed.
Aftermath.  Doctor is dead, the two minions are going to recover, but are infected.  Selene is ok, Jon and I both are the wiser for our experience and go up to rep 5.  Time to recruit more.  We have a base and plenty of weaponry, but need to get more foot soldiers before we brave the center city.  Next up is a warehouse area and police station as meleeing zombies without armor does not pay.

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