Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 5

Rumour had pointed us towards a big box store warehouse.  Our mission was food and to find allies.  All things considered it went well.

We motored down the road and splatted a bunch of zombies on our way in.  Helps to have a rep 5 driver.  Unfortunately the Hummer ran out of gas at the pariking lot of the warehouse.  We cleared the immediate area and entered the warehouse.  A pair of zombies were shuffling around by the time clock and died quickly.  We started collecting stacks of food.  From the entrance we split into two groups.  JM and JB ran into two National Guardsmen - and failed the meet and greet.  The drawdown was somewhat in conclusive.  JB wounded one guardsman and JM and the other guy both ducked back.  The next initiative went to the guardsman, he opened up at JB and missed.  JB chose to hold fire and offer a truce - we rolled the meet and greet again and the Guardsman chose to scoot out with his wounded buddy.  The warehouse was in general a Mecca for other survivors.  M and I split off into the other direction and cleared a couple of zeds on the ground floor of the warehouse.  We opend a packing crate and found a hostage that knows the signs to get into a safe zone that has an economy.  More about that later.
JB and JM found some survivors that were willing to join them for the game - to get out of trouble.  M and I then found even more, some boxes of guns and some gold bars.  About this time, the two gangs that considered the warehouse had arrived.  The first car of the AB positives was plowing through zeds until they failed the diriver check, flipping a car in the middle of a bunch of zeds is bad news.  The good news was that the next turn the Happy Bikers entered with another car.  The good news for the stunned AB positives was the Bikers ran over the hungry zeds.  The bad news was that the Bikers were equally happy to run over the stunned gangstas.  The Bikers ran out of gas right after running over the zed snack.  They started towards "Their warehouse" on foot and into fire from the Gangstas other group that had entered on foot from the table edge near the warehouse. 

Our group was happily looting the warehouse, M and I ran into a pair of cops looking to bunch together to get out safely.  Hearing the shooting outside, I unlsung my scoped rifle and started picking off Bikers outside.  JM's Smokin Hot folower and another went up to check the last storage area.  The good news was that  we finally found a trio that was willing to sign on for a while, bad news was a stashed bomb was triggered and started counting down.

The gunfight continued outside between the Bikers and AB+.  The Biker leader knocked me down with a blast from his shotgun - no mean feat as I was in a window and long range, but Shotguns are deadly.  JM, JB, and M got to the door and opened up on the Bikers.  Crossfire was too much and they went down in one turn.  Good news as the bomb was ticking down.  I passed my knockdown test and was back in action.  We bolted with our stacks of food and moved in a group of 15- nothing could stand in our way.  Out of the bombs blast radius - it left a big hole - tkaing our Hummer with it, we looted the vehicles by the side of hte road - gaining a minivan, convertable and tourist bus while losing the hummer.

We bid adieu to our five temporary companions and tallied up the nights actions.  JM's Smokin Hot follower finally got back to rep 3,and My follower went up to rep 5.  Nobody else gained rep, bup JM, JB, and  M gained a rep 4 survivor.  I claimed the hostage who decided to join us and turned out to be rep 4 despite his Mullet. 

Next game will be the effort to get to Bartertown.

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