Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 5

Rumour had pointed us towards a big box store warehouse.  Our mission was food and to find allies.  All things considered it went well.

We motored down the road and splatted a bunch of zombies on our way in.  Helps to have a rep 5 driver.  Unfortunately the Hummer ran out of gas at the pariking lot of the warehouse.  We cleared the immediate area and entered the warehouse.  A pair of zombies were shuffling around by the time clock and died quickly.  We started collecting stacks of food.  From the entrance we split into two groups.  JM and JB ran into two National Guardsmen - and failed the meet and greet.  The drawdown was somewhat in conclusive.  JB wounded one guardsman and JM and the other guy both ducked back.  The next initiative went to the guardsman, he opened up at JB and missed.  JB chose to hold fire and offer a truce - we rolled the meet and greet again and the Guardsman chose to scoot out with his wounded buddy.  The warehouse was in general a Mecca for other survivors.  M and I split off into the other direction and cleared a couple of zeds on the ground floor of the warehouse.  We opend a packing crate and found a hostage that knows the signs to get into a safe zone that has an economy.  More about that later.
JB and JM found some survivors that were willing to join them for the game - to get out of trouble.  M and I then found even more, some boxes of guns and some gold bars.  About this time, the two gangs that considered the warehouse had arrived.  The first car of the AB positives was plowing through zeds until they failed the diriver check, flipping a car in the middle of a bunch of zeds is bad news.  The good news was that the next turn the Happy Bikers entered with another car.  The good news for the stunned AB positives was the Bikers ran over the hungry zeds.  The bad news was that the Bikers were equally happy to run over the stunned gangstas.  The Bikers ran out of gas right after running over the zed snack.  They started towards "Their warehouse" on foot and into fire from the Gangstas other group that had entered on foot from the table edge near the warehouse. 

Our group was happily looting the warehouse, M and I ran into a pair of cops looking to bunch together to get out safely.  Hearing the shooting outside, I unlsung my scoped rifle and started picking off Bikers outside.  JM's Smokin Hot folower and another went up to check the last storage area.  The good news was that  we finally found a trio that was willing to sign on for a while, bad news was a stashed bomb was triggered and started counting down.

The gunfight continued outside between the Bikers and AB+.  The Biker leader knocked me down with a blast from his shotgun - no mean feat as I was in a window and long range, but Shotguns are deadly.  JM, JB, and M got to the door and opened up on the Bikers.  Crossfire was too much and they went down in one turn.  Good news as the bomb was ticking down.  I passed my knockdown test and was back in action.  We bolted with our stacks of food and moved in a group of 15- nothing could stand in our way.  Out of the bombs blast radius - it left a big hole - tkaing our Hummer with it, we looted the vehicles by the side of hte road - gaining a minivan, convertable and tourist bus while losing the hummer.

We bid adieu to our five temporary companions and tallied up the nights actions.  JM's Smokin Hot follower finally got back to rep 3,and My follower went up to rep 5.  Nobody else gained rep, bup JM, JB, and  M gained a rep 4 survivor.  I claimed the hostage who decided to join us and turned out to be rep 4 despite his Mullet. 

Next game will be the effort to get to Bartertown.

Wings of War

We played a series of Wings of War games at Pair a Dice this Saturday.  Seven players so we swapped back and forth on the 4 vs 3. 
We played mid 1917, I flew a Reviresco Pfalz that I had kicking around forever, but had no stats on it until the series IV from Wings of War.  I can understand why it was adequate but not a preferred plane.  Good damage, but fairly slow and not very maneuverable.  I was able to survive the first three games but go no kills.  We called each game if a side was down to one plane against 3 or more rather than fight it out to the bitter end..
Three of the players were new to the game, but it was hard to tell as they out flew me.
The first game was a balloon busting mission of four german fighters against 3 allies defending an observation balloon.  Germans blew up the balloon early, then took out two of the allied fighters.
The second game was an allied bombing run across the lines.  The bomber was damaged and could not turn to get a good line the first run, then was shot down as he lined up for  a second run at it.
On the third flight I took a UFAG and was assigned a run.  This time it was 3 germans against 4 allies.  My obsever got shot just as we dropped bombs on the target and the allies took me down before I could make it back to safety.  The rear guns are handy when flying a two seater.
The last game was a new experience.  JM has a scratch built Zeppelin Straken.  The Bomber was returning froma  mission and had met up with one fighter escort.  They were faced by 5 fighters.  I went down early as I got too aggressive aand went in alone without waiting for my allies.  Another fighter went down to the bombers guns and it looked like a third was in trouble when the bomber had taken too much and spiraled to the ground.
I forgot my camera so no pics, but the response was pretty positive so we will likely run another game.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 4

Our most recent game was a mixed bag.  Three new players with new characters and Five of us that had played before.

We have gained a pretty defensible base at the junkyard in game 2, then run afoul of some pretty bad luck in game three, losing 3 NPCs.  Our goal was to get into a suburban police station, get equipment and recruit some new folks.
We entered in two groups.  Mark led the new players in - having heard about the mission and brought them along.  The new group quickly broke into two, Mark, Tim and Leif Headed to meet the rest of the Group while Marmalade grabbed a Hummer and started to squish zeds.
The core group consisted of Jeff M, Jeff B, Myself, Don, and Honey (Jeff M's Smokin Hot rep 2 liability) and Lil Sal, my rep 4 follower.  Honey had lost rep due to being OOFed by gangers when we took the junkyard, while Lil Sal had grown afraid of the outdoors when she went up after the Junkyard.  The NPCs were along to regain confidence.
Don ran on ahead to give Mark, Tim and Leif some support.  The core group was plowing through zeds, between a silenced pistol, a bow and crossbow, silent kills kept most of the close zeds down, while gunfire dealt with any of the undead that came close enough to charge.  A brief tense moment arose when one zed got past the hail of bullets and closed with the rep 2 Honey.  She passed her being charged roll with the help of a leader die, and killed her attacker with a butt stroke of her rifle.
Tim had gotten into trouble when he discovered 4 zombies in a dumpster he jumped into.  He got surprise, knocked down one, and killed another when they charged.  His melee ended with no result when Mark jumped in - helps to be a psycho brawler with a hand to hand weapon.
A lull allowed everyone to dash into the Police station.  Two zeds were lingering in the lobby and were rapidly dealt with.  Right about this time the zombies had followed the two groups and were congregating in from of the Police Station  Marmalade came screaming around the corner in his liberated hummer.  He started to lose control - running over three zeds, each only passing one of 3 dice for control checks on each of the three (the third came from being a Transporter)  His luck ran out and he flipped the hummer right in front of both the police station and a crowd of zombies and he became zombie feast.
The clearing of the police station was almost routine.  There were no humans downstairs, but handfuls of zeds that were surprised and died in hails of bullets.  Upstairs, Jeff B had climbed in an second story window, cleared the briefing room and ran into a rep 4 ganger in the hall.  He was out diced on the meet and greet and that resulted in a drawdown, which Jeff won handily. 
Plenty of regular loot was scattered around the station, but the SWAT locker room only yielded one set of body armor and a couple of Assault rifles.  The ganger was the only human we ran into and he did not survive his drawdown.  We gained loot, but no new people.

center town at the beginning of the action

RIP members and game they were lost in - Doc (3), Marmalade (3), Agent Orange (3), Janice (3)

Honey, Jeff M, Lil Sal, Big J

Leif, Tim, Jon P, Mark, Jeff B, Don/Seleen 

Beginning of Marmalade's wild ride

Looking down the Street towards the Police Station

Action Moving indoors
When time came to roll for rep increases, Leif and Jeff B went up to rep 5, and Don/Seleen went up to rep 6.  Jeff M continued his terrible luck and went up with neither his main, nor Honey - she had enough  FFP to increase her roll by one - the only thing she could fail on was a 1 - which she rolled.
We have lots of loot, and a base, next trip will be back to look for more survivors, then maybe a bartering trip.

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 3

It was a breeze, he said.  It was going to solve our problems, he said.  What he didn't say was that There was a honking load of zombies in there and by the end almost half the group would be dead.
Episode 3 of the Pair a Dice Zombie Campaign.  John had found a mysterious Doctor that said he had puzzled out a cure for the virus.  The only catch was that it was still in his old lab.  The lab was deep into infected territory, but the Doctor knew a path through the storm sewers.  Jeff B and Mark were off hunting food, and my minion is afraid of outdoors so I figured she was no go, Jeff M left his rep 2 minion behind as well.  The group was Jon P with his rep former SWAT guy, Don/Selene - rep 5, Me - rep 4, Jeff M rep 4 and his rep 5 minion, and the Rep 3 Doctor.  We pulled up to the entrance and there was  bunch of Zombies.  We cleared the way in but left a bunch milling around.  The walk through the storm sewers was quick and easy.  A couple of Zombies prowled, but were no hindrance.  We shot some and that bit us later as the noise summoned some behind us.  We got to the Lab unscathed and worked our way in.  The doctor's ID woke up the complex, lights came on etc. 
The trouble was that all the victims the medical team had worked with were still dead/undead and they woke up as well.  A quick search found some weaponry, obviously somebody had gone toe to toe with the zombies before.  Jon's swat guy found a vial of meds that was what we had come for - but only one dose and he is frugal so the rest of the group were unawares.  The mob of zombies coming was the signal to get out and for a while it looked like we had escaped.  On the way out we ran into a group of zombies we had summoned with earlier shooting.  They mostly died, but one was able to knock Don/Selene out of the fight  I grabbed her, threw her over my shoulder and we kept moving.  The delay let the lab horde start to close and we picked up the pace, but got sloppy.  Turning a corner, we got surprised and charged by three zombies.  Two died horribly, but the other one knocked the doctor out of the fight.  Now we are carrying two with a horde behind us.
I nudged Selene awake and Selene was back on her feet.  We tried to wake the doctor, but found he had bought it.  The moans of the zombie horde behind us grew and there was no time for tears, grab his stuff, make sure he doesn't come back and hoof it.  Shooting and melee outside - oh yeah, we left a ton of zeds outside didn't we.  Two more minions go down in melee as the 22 zeds we left behind are crowding in.  We make a break with the wounded and get to the truck.  The lab horde is now spilling out of the storm sewers.  We toss the wounded into the Humvee and burn rubber one turn from being overwhelmed.
Aftermath.  Doctor is dead, the two minions are going to recover, but are infected.  Selene is ok, Jon and I both are the wiser for our experience and go up to rep 5.  Time to recruit more.  We have a base and plenty of weaponry, but need to get more foot soldiers before we brave the center city.  Next up is a warehouse area and police station as meleeing zombies without armor does not pay.

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games day 2

Day 2 of the Pair a Dice All Things Zombie Campaign

Having met at a country crossroads, the various players were on a mission to establish a base.  A suburban junkyard seemed like it would do the trick. 
There was a gang of hostile gangers inside and we spawned 24 zombies outside.  The original plan was to clear zeds and then assault the compound.  Jeff M had his band of 3, a Rep 4 star with Assault rifle, Bap and ax, rep 5 military vet with silenced pistol and machete, and a rep 3 smoking hot chick with a  pistol and bolt action rifle.  It helps that his star is charismatic and a chatterbox so scores well on interactions. 
The plan started well, with zombies piling up pretty quickly, but some shots were fired and that gave a heads up to the gangers inside.  We had clumped up on one corner of the compound, right underneath a water tower.  Jeff B clambered up with his rep 4 armed with an assault rifle looking for a view into the compound.  He peered around the corner of the tower and spotted a ganger.  A quick burst missed and Jeff's clip was empty.  Jeff M's chick with the rifle tried a peek around the tower and was knocked out of the fight with a shotgun blast. 
At this point, I had worked around and climbed up a ladder over the junkyard office.  I had held fire and the gangers were looking the other way as I peeked down - no targets in range of my pistols.  The rest of the group was making tracks for the gate to the compound while Jeff B checked on Jeff M's wounded follower and reloaded.  The next turn was better.  Jeff B, now reloaded ducked around and wounded a ganger, While I knocked down another.  Another ganger blasted back with his shotgun and wounded my rep 4 follower. 
All this time Mark had been clearing zombies with his cricket bat, but things were looking a little iffy as the human on human shots had been growing the crowd.  A timely black helicopter (random event) lured the zeds away enough to let Mark break free and join the rush on the compound.  Two gangers down and   the  rest of our group burst in through the gates behind them.  Quick shots and some lucky hits brought down the remainder of the gangers.  The zeds had been lured away by the helicopter and the compound was ours. 
Don's rep 4 star went up to a rep 5, everybody else stayed rep 4.   The peons stayed on and don't even have to roll after the next game.  Of the two wounded, my underling healed nicely, but Jeff's dropped to a nearly useless rep 2.

Next up is to infiltrate and loot a warehouse through a sewer system.

Zombies Campaign Hosted at Pair a Dice Games

To catch up on hte first three games of All Things Zombie hosted at Pair a Dice games in Rochester
Day 1
Overall the players picked up 4 followers and 2 vehicles - a Beverly Hillbillies pickup and a tractor trailer. 

Next stop is to see if the group can secure a base at a Junkyard, which will have lots of spare parts and equipment.

To recap Saturday night.  This was the first night of the campaign and everyone started with a single rep 4 star with WYSIWYG for equipment.

Mark took a famous zombie slayer figure with a shotgun and cricket bat.  He started next to Brian and spent the first half of the night keeping Brian alive.  He got knocked down once in melee while saving Brian the first time, but some timely fire support for the rest of us and Brian waking up avoided being a buffet.  He tried to disarm a car alarm that was going off (random event) and attracting zeds, but failed.  From there he headed to a motel room, discovered he brought the wrong shotgun ammo (random event) and found a rifle.  At this point there were a cloud of moaning zeds at the front door.  I ducked out the window, and a couple of turns later Mark followed me out the window.  From there he headed for a tractor trailer he had passed up originally, and was just able to get it started as the game ended.  He did not gain or lose a rep.
Don took a Selene looking character.  He jumped into a window and was surprised by two gangers.  They knocked him down with a quick shot, but he was able to get going before they could finish him off.  He jumped back out the window and the gangers were following in hot pursuit.  Their only trouble was that they not watching their back and a zed was able to get the jump on them.  Even with that it was a rep 5 ganger and a single zed.  Even so, the zed won the melee and the ganger was down.  Next activation and Don put a bullet into the remaining rep 2 ganger, he went down right next to his boss, with a  single hungry zed looking at his good luck.  Don Pulled in some loot from the motel rooms, back carefully away from a rep 5 military guy who had been hiding out in one of the room.  Don was in the motel room with a group of us when the zeds started pounding on the door.  He jumped out at the same time as Mark and ended up in the truck at the end of the game.  He neither gained nor lost rep.
John started late, but took a former SWA guy.  Careful moving and looting had him at one of the storage sheds when Jeff M and I arrived.  All of us looted food from the shed, so we decided that it was the storage for the minibars at the motel.  At this point we clumped up and used the rep of the Military guy that Jeff  had talked around (being charismatic helped there).  We headed to a pickup and discovered a couple in the truck - we figured they had run out of gas and were playing it quiet while they figured out what to do. Jeff had found lots of fuel and he took the pickup.   John talked one into joining him and I did the same with the other.  John headed over to the last remaining spot that might hold survivors.  We found a last survivor in this shed.  The game ended as the pickup pulled around and picked up Jeff, John and myself.  .  He neither gained nor lost rep
I had a character with BAP, Nerves of Steel and Brawler.  I moved across the table killing a pair of zeds along the way towards the motel, thinking Don might need help, but by the time I got to where I had heard firing, nobody was in the room.  I looted the motel, found no zombies and was in the Alamo room when the Zeds came knocking.  I peeked out the window and did not like the odds.  Next turn I jumped out the side window.  Took out a pair of zeds that charged me and headed over to the minibar storage shed when Jeff and John arrived.  From there I pretty much followed the action, pickup truck and other shed, having recruited a rep 3 with a pistol from the pickup.  When she looted she found a BAP in the glove compartment and her buddy found snacks.  They were the only ones to find loot there.  I was at the second storage shed when the game ended.  I did not gain or lose rep, but Trixie did gain a rep and is now a rep 4.
Jeff M.  took a character he had converted based on stuff he had in the bits box and coincidently at home.  FN/FAL, pistol and Ax.  He was a brawler and had the Charismatic trait.  He checked out the Diner and found a little loot, but nobody home.  About this time his FN had a catastrophic disaster and was useless for the rest of the game (other random event)  He dashed across the street to join the crowd in the motel. Was able to recruit the former military guy and headed over to the minibar shed at the same time John and I arrived.  His action from there followed the same path as John and I.  Inexplicably Jeff lost a Rep on a bad roll (1) and gained the Chatterbox trait.  He was able to recruit two followers, the rep 5 military guy and a rep 4 hiding in the last shed, and neither changed rep.
Brian is a young player and was not daunted by gaming with 5 adults.  Brian was constantly looking for the extremely violent and destructive method of dealing with his problems.  He also had the dice of a new player.  Early on he headed off into the woods by himself.  An unlucky failure to activate left him attacked by 3 zeds which he held off long enough to get some fire support.  He was next in the middle of the road  and attacked by zeds.  He just managed to get knocked down when Mark Rescued him.  Mark in turn needed rescuing and again fire support trimmed the zeds down to the point where he was able to attract the zeds from Mark.  Brian in turn got knocked down yet again.  This time the zeds were whittled down and kept off the gallant two by gunfire long enough for them to dash to the Alamo room as a bunch of zeds had been summoned by the combined firepower and car alarm.  Brian was holding the fort and blazing away while the rest of us ducked out the back.  The Zeds busted down the door, but Brian held off two rushes from them as the game ended.  He neither gained nor lost rep.